Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

What u lookin' at?

Choreographer Costas Kekis and performers Lana Hosni and Evandro Pedroni met at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance while studying there. They are cool people.

1. Your project in one sentence?
What u lookin’ at will blow your eyes away!
Evandro: If you wanna know what people are lookin at, you better come on b#+0h!
2. You at the party?
L: I will be the one with those two handsome bearded guys. One will be dancing like Beyonce and the other one like Aerobicon. If the party gets wild we might be the ones trying to speak German.

3. Your way to defeat your opponent in a duel?
E: I could start with Voodoo but let's keep physical! Capoeira, Kung-Fu, Karate? Defeating opponents is one of my favorite skills!

4. What are you looking forward to in Berlin?
C: I am looking forward to possibly get back with my (ex) partner, whom at the moment I miss and love and think he’s selfish and irrespectable.
L: Klein classes. Also, finding a soul mate. And seeing a unicorn.

5. What are you looking forward to at 100° Berlin?
C: I am curious about this marathon of shows and being materialistic, it would be great to promote our work.

6. Naked or dressed?
C: Why choose?
L: Aaaah tricky tricky! I would say naked but what if it's snowing..
E: Dressed! Well dressed!
7. Schnapps before the show or sparkling wine after?
C: Schnapps after.
L: Sparkling wine.
E: Schnapps!!

Costas Kekis
What u lookin' at
Freitag, 21 Uhr
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